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Blow the Trumpet in Zion

Blow the Trumpet in Zion

Blow the Trumpet in Zion

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Faith International
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Our Syllabuses available to those who are interested, just contact us. Syllabuses available for now... more coming up.

GOD'S FAMILY PLAN -This is a three volume series that consist of three different syllabuses that will help you to understand God's plan for the family unit. You will learn how the husband and the wife are to treat one another, and you will learn how to raise godly children. These syllabuses will benefit you whether you are married or not married and whether you have children or not. An added bonus is, these series of teaching can be used as a premarital course.

GET RID OF THAT CRITICAL SPIRIT -A critical spirit hinders your faith and your blessings. It will block the power of God from flowing in your life. To be an effective witness for Christ, you must not have a critical spirit.

THE FAVOR OF GOD -Psalm 5:12 says "For You O Lord will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield." This syllabus expounds on the favor of God, and the many benefits that we get from it.

DEVELOPING GODLY CHARACTER -Godly character is a necessity for living the Christian life. To be successful in our walk with God, we should be people of good moral character. God's word applied to our life will guide us into developing godly character.

WHAT IS THE FEAR OF THE LORD -To fear the Lord is to have a reverential respect for Him. It is to love Him and desire intimacy with Him. There are so many promises in the word of God, for those who love and respect Him. As you study this guide you will discover what it really means to live in the fear of the Lord.

BIBLICAL SALVATION -In today's society, there are many different salvations offered. However, only God's salvation, biblical salvation, has the power to deliver a person from the grip of satan. Therefore, in this syllabus, you will learn what is biblical salvation and what it means to mankind. You will also learn how to receive it.

THE KEY TO CHANGING YOUR THINKING -Change is a process that begins with renewing your mind. Unless you are willing to do something different, you will never experience change. This study guide will show you how to change your thinking, so that you can change your life. God gives us the power to live for Him as we renew our mind with His word.

PRAYER, COMMUNION WITH GOD -In Luke 11:1, the disciples asked Jesus, "Lord, teach us to pray..." Prayer is communing with God. Prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue. This syllabus explains what prayer is, what prayer does, and why prayer should be a part of our daily life.

THE LAW DEMANDED, BUT GRACE PROVIDED VOL. 1 AND 2 - VOLUME 1: This syllabus will help you to understand God's grace, and what we have as recipients of that grace. You will study how to access God's grace thru faith. The law focuses on sin, but grace focuses on righteousness. I pray that as you study this series on grace, you will come to recognize just how much God loves you.

VOLUME 2: So many Christians still have a works mentality. This grace series will help you to understand that our "work" is to believe and receive all that Christ provided for us, thru His atoning sacrifice. You will be set free from believing you have to do something to earn your salvation. Jesus paid it all. We are justified in Him!

GOD HAS ALREADY DONE IT - God has already blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heaven: We have already been divinely blessed.

The word "divinely" refers to heavenly sent or God-given. The word "blessed" refers to being empowered to succeed. God has already empowered every believer with every spiritual empowerment, or every spiritual blessing in heaven that is necessary for us to succeed. (Ephesians 1:3-6) Learn more and know what you have in Christ. This syllabus will help you.

FAITH EXAMINATION: DO YOU REALLY TRUST GOD - We need to examin ourselves, in every situation to see if we really trusting God in that situation. We may think that we trust God in a situation when actually we don't. This syllabus will help you understand how to know you are in faith.

LIVING VICTORIOUSLY OVER FEAR - We live in a fallen world that is basically dominated by the enemy's morals and beliefs. Since the enemy is considered the god of this world's system (2 Corinthians 4:4), people experience a lot of heartache and grief.

The enemy uses people and circumstances to rob folk of their peace, by causing them to be overcome by fear. In this syllabus, you will learn how to evercome fear through faith in Christ. You will learn how to live a victorious life over fear.

GOD'S PERFECT WILL IS DIVINE HEALTH - God wants us well. To be sick over and over again is not His will for our life. He has provided healing for us thru His Son Jesus. However, God's perfect will is for us to walk in divine health.

THE WORD, THE BLESSING, AND THE GLORY -The Bible is the most important book in the world. It is the infallible, incorruptible, word of God. When you consistently and constantly speak the Word of God, you release the blessing to flow in your life. As the Word is manifested, God's glory shows up! The WORD = The Blessings = The Glory!

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