Faith International Christian Center
Blow the Trumpet in Zion

Blow the Trumpet in Zion

Blow the Trumpet in Zion

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Sunday School - 9:15 AM
Sunday Worship - 10:00 AM
Tuesday Night -7:30 PM
Thursday Believer's
Training School:
Prayer 6:15 - 8:00 PM
All The Messianic Prophecies
Of The Bible 8:00 PM

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FICC Bible Training School

FITC (Faith International Training Center)
Our Syllabuses available to those who are interested, just contact us. Syllabuses available for now, please go to this page: click here.

Everyone is invited!

At Faith International Christian Center (FICC) 7409 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Fl 34209
Call: 941-794-1713


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(frequently asked questions)

1.) Can I get credentialed with your organization?

Answer: Yes, we offer license and ordination to qualified candidates. It starts with an application and followed with a personal interview by one of our pastors.

2. Are there any fees or costs to be a part of your organization?

Answer: No, there are no monthly or annual fees to be a part, there is a requirement to complete online classes for continuing education monthly with an average cost of $25 per month for those desiring or holding credentials. Affiliate churches and ministries are required to have their staff complete the same requirements.

3. How soon can I get my license or certificate of ordination?

Answer: That will depend on each candidate and your calling. It is determined by your information on your application and the personal interview. Our Pastors will then make a decision and keep you informed.

4. What other requirements are there to holding credentials with FICC's Company of Believers?

Answer: Other requirements include but are not limited to, attendance of a monthly online meeting, monthly ministry reports submitted electronically and reviewed by the pastoral staff, full accountability of a lifestyle exhibiting a life of faith and moral excellence.

5. What happens if I do not complete the requirements?

Answer: This is a call to excellence and commitment, a call to assist one another together as we walk this walk, thus if you do not complete the requirements' in a timely manner, your credentials will be suspended and there will be a monetary cost to get back into fellowship again should you so desire. However, Every effort will be made to restore and encourage to continue.

6. What happens if I cannot afford the tuition for the classes required?

Answer: We will not let anyone miss out for financial reasons. One of the purposes in this leadership Company is to teach you to prosper and succeed as the Bible declares. Thus if you explain to us your current situation and we deem you are unable to pay, we will grant you scholarship until such time as you are able to pay on your own.

7. Are there any costs to the monthly online meetings?

Answer: No, there are no costs to you for these meetings. An offering will be encouraged but not required.

8. What happens if I am in a different time zone and cannot make the online monthly meeting?

Answer: All meetings will be archived and must be attended within a 48 hour period following.

9. Does your organization ever support affiliated churches and ministries financially?

Answer: If you are looking for financial support from your membership herein, you are in the wrong place. We cannot financially support every ministry and church associated with us, but we will most certainly give our churches and ministries top priority when praying over our annual mission's budget.

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(frequently asked questions)

10. What are your core beliefs?

Answer: We believe: The Bible is Divinely Inspired from Genesis to revelation, it is the infallible and eternal Word of God The Trinity, Father, Son Jesus and Holy Spirit, three persons yet One. Salvation is by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus and not by our works The Holy Spirit Baptism is a second work of grace necessary to empower believers on earth evidenced by speaking in tongues or prophesying The Gifts of the Spirit are for every believer for the work of the ministry and should be sought after for the edification of the church so that we can evangelize the world. Faith is the victory over the current world system and skillful use of the Word of God is not optional but mandatory through disciple, training and exercise of Biblical principles daily. In the rapture of the church before the great seven year tribulation and the second coming of Jesus with all His Saints in bodily form to earth. In eternal judgment, the saved to everlasting life in heaven and the damned to eternal hell. For a more detailed explanation of these, contact us here.

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11. How do I get started with you?

Answer: Click here to apply and afterward a pastor will be in touch with you to discuss your calling and goals in detail. Thank you for your interest, we welcome your fellowship.

Pastor Chuck Kennedy

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